Student Council


The Student Council consists of a pair of elected representatives from each class, who have volunteered to work with an adult advisor on ideas for events and projects. The Student Council is here to represent the students so that their voice can be brought to discussion. Every representative attends weekly meetings on Friday to discuss previous events and new suggestions. 


Within the student council, we have certain roles that representatives have volunteered to take including the:

-President (Advaita, Grade 10): Leads all meetings, prepares agendas and works with the advisor for planning regarding all events. Works closely with the treasurer to maintain budgets

-Treasurer (Jiahui, Grade 10): Keeps track of the council’s expenses and revenues, maintains an accurate and detailed financial record in addition to preparing budgets

-Vice President (Emil, Grade 9): Works closely with the president and fills in for the President when needed


As of now, the Student Council has already planned a World Food Day, where food collected was donated to the Salvation Army, a Movie Night, in which every class chose a movie to watch along with their classmates and are currently organizing an event called The Giving Tree where gently used or new items are donated as Christmas gifts. We are also organizing a Door Competition, in which each class will have one week to decorate their door with a Christmas theme. The winning class will be given a pizza party. We are planning on several future events including an entrepreneurs day and a book week.