MYP Collaborative Writing

‘Escape from Huntsham Manor’ is a multiple-choice narrative adventure, in the mould of the Choose Your Own Adventure series. It was written collaboratively by the MYP students of GIS, with each year group responsible for a different area of the house or grounds.

The story is interactive. You must read each entry carefully then choose an action to take. There are numerous puzzles, and many, many ways to fail and return to the start, so choose carefully!

Full credit for the game goes to those students who wrote the text:

Grade 7

Nada Al-saman, Amund Olai Hammeren Øfstedal, Leon Norman Haavi, Lidia Nowostawska, Leo Evander Ristebråten, Våre Svarthaug, Sivert Isak Torseth, Emilis Voitiukevic.

Grade 8

Victoria Aas, Maciej Armanski, Helga Høstmælingen, Erik Lindh, Maja Nykvist, Truls Overhalden, Martine Strande, Elvin Thoresen and Iver Flesvik.

Grade 9

Anabelle Bjerkeengen-Blanc, Simen Rom Haugerud, Wiktoria Koziara and Zsombor Szabó-Antalovsky.

Grade 10

Thomas Kalgraff, Jiahui Liu, Advaita Mishra, Emilia Nowostawska, Wiktoria Nowotarska, Eirun Luyu Svarthaug, David Wanda, Anaïs Werbrouck.

Click here to play ‘Escape from Huntsham Manor’