Felles Gjøik

Below you will find some of the most common questions we are asked by interested parents and our answers to them. We hope you find the information useful. We strongly recommend that you visit the remaining sections of our web site for more details. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or you would like to visit us.


How can I enrol my child at GIS?

We practise rolling admissions, which means applications can be submitted at any time during the academic year. To find out more and submit an online application click here.


Does my child have to speak English to join GIS?

No, students do not have to be fluent in English. However, we encourage parents to enrol children as early as possible in the academic year. The later a student joins us, the more he/she has to catch up on.


What languages will my child learn at GIS?

From Grade 1 to 5, children learn English and Norwegian. In Grade 6, they start learning a third language. This academic year (2016-2017) we started teaching German. However, other languages will also be considered in future.


What is the language of communication with parents?

Our main language of communication is English. For example, our weekly newsletter, which is the main source of information for parents, is published in English. General information meetings are run in English, too. We can only guarantee translation in individual meetings and only into languages that our staff speak. However, parents are welcome to bring interpreters to individual meetings.


What is the class size at GIS?

We accept up to 20 students per class.


What is your homework policy?

Students receive homework once a week on Tuesday and it is due in the following Monday. It allows families to choose the best time for homework completion and it accommodates different approaches – some students prefer to complete all work in one sitting while others choose to complete it in several shorter sessions.


Are there restrictions as to what kind of food students are allowed to bring for snack and lunch?

Yes. We promote healthy eating habits. Therefore, sweets and fizzy drinks are not allowed. As many children are allergic to them, nuts are banned as well. Students can sign up for milk and/or juice through the following web site: https://www.skolemelk.no/Customer/Login


Where do PE lessons take place?

One of the advantages of our location on Gjovik University Campus is access to its facilities. In good weather, we use the football pitch across the road from the school. On rainy days, our PE classes take place in the newly renovated Kallerundhallen. You can find photos of both in our gallery.


How long is your school day?

Our day starts at 8:30AM and except for Thursday it ends at 3:05PM. For more details on our school day click here.


What is the school environment like?

We make every effort to ensure that the environment at GIS is positive and safe. The school adheres to the Norwegian Act of Education § 9a. We work hard to encourage children to take care of each other and to work together in positive and socially responsible ways. For more information regarding the Norwegian Act of Education § 9a please download the document below: